Indiana University

IU Intelligent Infrastructure


IU Intelligent Infrastructure (IUII) is a suite of services provided by the University Information Technology Services (UITS) Enterprise Infrastructure Division. It offers you remote access to the same high-performance and high-availability hardware and security devices UITS uses to deliver mission-critical university applications and services.

A strategic, reusable infrastructure such as IUII provides tremendous value. It secures substantial cost benefits and allows for continuous innovation, refinement, and adaptation for evolving operational needs.

There are two principle components to the Intelligent Infrastructure service package – you pay only for what you need now and adjust your service levels as your needs change:

Virtual systems supply the infrastructure and network capacity necessary to host your applications, while optional disk storage on UITS enterprise-class SANs (storage area networks) ensures your files are extremely secure and always available.

Backup solutions provide cross-site backups and cross-campus failover options, which isolate you from potential disasters by securing your backup files within hardened data centers.

This service model reduces hardware and maintenance expenses, frees up space, and prevents you from over or under-committing based on future hardware and backup predictions.

You can start with a single virtual machine or simply with backups, then add disk storage or additional system resources when you’re ready. In any case, you get the security and reliability of a UITS-hosted computing environment, and you maintain full control of your operating system, applications, and data.